If you don’t know how to kill it, you can always try aiming for its cock.

-Hoss Bowson, Gast Academy Mercenary 

Nelapsis are an extremely rare vampire that feeds on the blood of humans and kavi alike. Like other types of vampires, there are only two surefire ways of killing them: direct sunlight and staking them through the heart. Unfortunately, in terms of weaknesses, that is where the list ends—even staking them through the heart can be difficult since they have two. Nelapsi are significantly stronger than normal vampires, their strength and speed unmatched among their lesser cousins. Wounds are trivialized by an instantaneous healing factor, which can regenerate whole limbs—even a missing head. Their bodies are impervious to fire and silver, which cause serious harm in other vampires, and vile plagues seem to follow in their wake.

When hunting, they are nearly invisible to the naked eye, seemingly striking from all directions at once with bone-breaking blows. It’s for these reasons that any person brave—or foolish—enough to try and kill one, avoid direct confrontations with a nelapsi. The night is their domain and when they’re at their strongest; before the sun rises they must return to their grave and sleep during the day. This is the moment to strike, when they are defenseless. Overconfident vampire hunters have stupidly tried taking a nelapsi on in a fair fight, but of all who tried none have survived. It’s important to add that not all nelapsi are inherently evil. A few have been recorded renouncing human blood for animal blood, but these examples are few and far between in the annals of history. Should you run into one in the wild, assume the worst and pray for a quick death.