Monsters and creatures of Blueheim.


Jimmy, I told you not to leave your window open at night! Those damned frubolds stole your clothes again. Oh, and those little devils only left your dirty underwear behind. -A very angry mother Frubolds are highly intelligent creatures, native to Magna Tellus. They have stout builds, standing between 2-3 ft and weighing an average… read more »


Respect the woods, and it will respect you in kind. -Dalyéwo proverb Pooka are wood spirits that inhabit the untamed woods in Emerald Crater. These spirits take the form of an animal when presenting itself before people—usually choosing a deer, rabbit, or horse with pitch-black fur and glowing red eyes. However, pooka usually prefer to… read more »


If you don’t know how to kill it, you can always try aiming for its cock. -Hoss Bowson, Gast Academy Mercenary  Nelapsis are an extremely rare vampire that feeds on the blood of humans and kavi alike. Like other types of vampires, there are only two surefire ways of killing them: direct sunlight and staking… read more »


And that’s why I always bring my harpoon gun. -Unknown diver A jawman is an aquatic monster that inhabits the deeper parts of the Altum Ocean. Their name comes from their two large and terrifying mouths, each lined with inch-long teeth. When one attacks, they will torpedo into their prey and latch on with the… read more »


They’re not violent creatures for the most part, but we’ve lost cadets too stupid not to test the beast’s patience. -Zella Krause, Legate of Gast Academy’s Inventors Hall Indrik are native to the mountainous island Gast Academy is built on. Despite their stout and stocky build, they stand almost 10 ft tall at the shoulder… read more »