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The Viridian Vipers

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The Viridian Vipers Book Cover

Soldier, spy, chanter, medium . . . for the right amount of coin, any need can be fulfilled. You need only contract the right mercenary academy.

Of all academies, one name has withstood the test of time and garnered an impeccable reputation: Gast Academy. Founded in the snow-capped mountains of Hafland, her mercenary teams are renowned for their skill, and it’s said they never fail a contract.

Join one such team, the Viridian Vipers, as they embark on a contract to the technocratic state of Zho, where science and political intrigue rule. They’ll soon find that beneath the machines and glamor, an ancient secret lies waiting to be unearthed, one that will test even their limits.

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Table of Contents

Prologue: Big Game Hunters

Chapter 1: Dobrú Noc

Chapter 2: A Most Wanted Man