He’s lived through it, you know? He’s literally lived through what you and I call history. If nothing else, you’ve got to respect the man for still having the will to go on.

-Maximos Lycurgus, Legate of Gast Academy’s Martial Hall

Hach’hihem (“the gnarled tree”; born February 18, 515) of Clan Yoch’a’á is Emerald Crater’s current councilor. Known for his conservative beliefs and rulings, he famously cast the only vote against opening trade with the Populo Federation and Radiant Empire. Born during the Sailor’s War, he is the oldest living dalyéwo and last surviving member of Clan Yoch’a’á.

His original name was simply Hihem (“tree”), and he lived with Clan Yoch’a’á in the northwestern area of Hafland now known as Kings. The clan’s population suffered greatly because of the Sailor’s War, which claimed the lives of both his parents soon after he was born. In 525, when Hihem was only 10, what remained of Clan Yoch’a’á was ambushed by a human raiding party; Hihem was the only dalyéwo to escape. He was taken in by Zaltana of Clan Matsedo, but chose to keep his clan’s name in honor of the slain.

Hihem practiced shamanism under Zaltana, becoming her prized student and excelling beyond his peers. Such was his skill that when Zaltana finally passed away on December 20, 639, she conferred upon Hihem the new name “Hach’hihem” and gave him her seat on the Council of Six.