Avatara Mournkhed

I’m sure he’s a prime target for assassins, yet he’s the only world leader who doesn’t feel the need to travel with an entourage of bodyguards. I see only two possible reasons for this: either he’s a fool, or he’s a very, very dangerous man.

-Devika Charsath, Legate of Gast Academy’s Chanting Hall

Avatara Mournkhed (Mournkhed Hakim; born February 29, 308) is the current Avatara of the Radiant Empire. Mournkhed inherited the position the day he turned 16, making him the youngest kavi in the empire’s history to take on the role. An advocate for peace and equality, Avatara Mournkhed has been an outspoken opponent of the enmity between the Radiant Empire and the Populo Federation, as well as the Radiant Empire’s own stratified society. Using his influence, he hastened the Sailor’s War to a peaceful resolution, and was the leading voice for opening trade with Hafland.

Past Avataras

Goptalvar Agrija (June 6, 2348 FA – September 22, 1837 FA): Originally a humble woodworker, Goptalvar began traveling Aahana after turning 32. During his travels, he taught chanting to any kavi who wished to learn and preached peace among the warring tribes. Many flocked to him to learn the art, and from this initial pool ten arose as his brightest pupils; these men and women became his gurus and spread his teachings across Aahana.

At the time, the basic tenants of Trimurtism already existed among the kavi in various beliefs, but Trimurtism itself had not yet emerged as an established religion. As Goptalvar’s influence spread, many kavi began seeing him as a prophet and flocked to him for protection. Trimurtism emerged as the dominant religion of the land, with Goptalvar as its figurehead.

Goptalvar’s followers battled any tribes that opposed them as their power rose, absorbing all those defeated. Eventually in 2270 FA, Goptalvar successfully united all kavi under the Radiant Empire’s banner. He was declared the Avatara—Mahaap born in flesh—to lead the kavi to victory when Mahaprasu returned.

Asha Chakrabarti (December 11, 1884 FA – May 11, 1399 FA): Asha was a 47-year-old mother of eight when she took on the Avatara’s role. During her reign, the Radiant Empire grew in wealth and power, creating much of the cultural foundation for how kavi live today.

Rithnu Das (July 30, 1430 FA – May 2, 928 FA): Rithnu was 31 years old when she became the Avatara. She was a powerful chanter in the Radiant Empire’s army and well respected by her colleagues. On January 1, 1408, Rithnu issued a holy decree that the kavi must unite the world in preparation for their battle against Mahaprasu. She oversaw the successful conquest of 47% of the world’s population and ruled when the Radiant Empire was at the height of its power.

Fazel Bahl (December 18, 978 FA – March 5, 542 FA): Fazel had led a criminal life in his younger years and was jailed on numerous occasions for theft, battery, and forgery. It came as a great shock to the Radiant Empire’s subjects when he was chosen to become the Avatara. Fazel’s reign was characterized by extreme violence to quell rebellions within the Radiant Empire.

Urumi Gratakra (February 15, 567 FA – August 28, 206 FA): Urumi was only 24 years old when he became the Avatara. Urumi was a beggar, the result of an unfortunate work accident that left him crippled and unable to walk; with no family to care for him, he ended up on the streets at a young age. During Urumi’s time as Avatara, the naga rebellion began and ended with their emancipation. The rumblings of discontent with the Avatara’s rule started because of this loss.

Jayna Nassar (March 20, 292 FA – November 29, 60 FA): Jayna was 85 years old when she became Avatara. For most of her adult life, she had been a guru for the Radiant Empire until her retirement in 221 FA. Regardless, she answered the Avatara’s call when it came time for a successor. Jayna’s rule as Avatara was the shortest of all, lasting only 232 years before her passing. Her rule saw a steady decline in favor among the populace.

Arjumand Matala (Born January 9, 89 FA – February 29, 324 AT): Arjumand was a 28-year-old dancer. Considered the most beautiful of the Avataras, her legacy was the Avatara’s fall from grace. The Peasant King’s Rebellion began in 51 FA, but despite her best efforts, led to Magna Tellus’s recognized independence on February 17th, 105 AT. The Radiant Empire saw a drastic decline in their influence over the globe, and with it so did the Avatara, who was ousted from absolute rule over the kavi. In the years following, Arjumand spent her days on diplomatic missions to mend relations with the other races of Blueheim.