Tatjana Grand

Your hypocrisy astounds me. You slaughter animals to feed your appetites, but when I do it I’m proclaimed a monster.

-Tatjana Grand, Proconsul of Dracul Academy

Tatjana Grand (born October 31, 598 FA) is the younger sister of Jure Grand, though the term is relative since she is also a nelapsi, thirteen centuries old. Like her brother, there is no documentation about her true origins, but there is a prevailing theory (refer to Jure’s entry to learn more).

Tatjana roamed Slavania with Jure until their separation during the Peasant King’s Rebellion. While neither has given a reason for this, one could guess it has to do with Jure’s renunciation of human blood, whereas Tatjana still very much prefers the taste of humans and the occasional kavi. Whatever the reason, their animosity toward each other is well-documented, with the siblings coming into direct conflict on many occasions in their long-lived lives.

In 12 AT, as if in response to the founding of Gast Academy, Tatjana founded Dracul Academy. With a nelapsi as the academy’s Proconsul, it goes without saying the mercenaries are also vampiric creatures, which has given Dracul Academy a dark reputation. They have no rules for what they will and won’t accept, though they have become known as the academy to approach if you need someone killed—no questions asked. Adding to this image are rumors they accept humans as payment to feed their monstrous appetites. Unsurprisingly, both the Populo Federation and Radiant Empire have attempted on numerous occasions to destroy Tatjana’s academy, even hiring rival mercenaries to help. None have been successful, as Dracul Academy’s location is a closely guarded secret, and those who get too close disappear under mysterious circumstances.