And that’s why I always bring my harpoon gun.

-Unknown diver

Click to enlarge: an entry from a wildlife enthusiast’s journal.

A jawman is an aquatic monster that inhabits the deeper parts of the Altum Ocean. Their name comes from their two large and terrifying mouths, each lined with inch-long teeth. When one attacks, they will torpedo into their prey and latch on with the top mouth, then use its long and powerful arms to pull the rest of their meal into its second mouth to be eaten alive. Their skin is a blotchy mix of slimy, dark blue and black, providing camouflage as they swim up to their next meal. Jawmen’s eyes aren’t particularly well-developed, but they possess a bioluminescent antenna on their heads that emits a red glow; the red light helps them find prey in the darkness of the deep sea.

Jawmen usually keep to the ocean floor, but occasionally surface for an easy meal on an unsuspecting swimmer or fisherman. There have been numerous reports of jawmen residing in Hafland’s underground cave systems, with some being so bold as to venture into the city’s sewers. If you come upon a jawman in the dark, remain still, as it may not notice you. However, if their antenna light is on, expect a fight.