People of Interest

Historic figures and key players in the world of Blueheim.

Ulf Eklund

Who cares if his methods are blunt? Yes, he does tend to talk with his fists. Yes, even when the numbers are against him. And, yes, I’ll admit he does scream ‘glory’ a bit too much while doing it. But you know what? We always have a good story to tell afterward. -Hilda Eklund, Martial… read more »


I’d be careful of him. I can see the pain he carries around, festering like a rotted wound. -Gabriel Fletcher, Proconsul of Gast Academy Bagaan (“one who invokes the law of nature”; born March 30, 621) of Clan Yats’dl is nephew and advisor to Hach’hihem. Commonly described as “standoffish”, he is an imposing figure—strong even… read more »


He’s lived through it, you know? He’s literally lived through what you and I call history. If nothing else, you’ve got to respect the man for still having the will to go on. -Maximos Lycurgus, Legate of Gast Academy’s Martial Hall Hach’hihem (“the gnarled tree”; born February 18, 515) of Clan Yoch’a’á is Emerald Crater’s… read more »

Dr. Zest

This is supposed to be cherry flavored? Hah! I don’t recall cherries tasting like the runway between my asshole and balls . . . you don’t want to know. -Vernon Gallows, Informant Abigail Frankenstein Zestler (born July 15, 690), known more commonly as Dr. Zest, is the founder of Zesty Medicine Labs. She attended Gast… read more »

Avatara Mournkhed

I’m sure he’s a prime target for assassins, yet he’s the only world leader who doesn’t feel the need to travel with an entourage of bodyguards. I see only two possible reasons for this: either he’s a fool, or he’s a very, very dangerous man. -Devika Charsath, Legate of Gast Academy’s Chanting Hall Avatara Mournkhed… read more »

Robin Kelsey

I’ve known the man my whole life. He’s never respected the rules. -Gabriel Fletcher, Proconsul of Gast Academy Robin Kelsey (May 26, 665 – November 12, 727) was a retired mercenary from Gast Academy, and father to Kojin Kelsey. Robin was 13 when trade between the Populo Federation and Hafland opened, and he immediately became… read more »

Alba Tso

I don’t recall meeting an Alba, but then again, I don’t remember most of Robin’s bedroom acquaintances. -Evie Darling, Legate of Gast Academy’s Panacea Hall Alba Tso (April 1, 672 – August 22, 709) was a member of a minor noble family in Zho. During a trip to Hafland, she met the mercenary Robin, and… read more »

Beatrix Guiying

Amazing. She can rebuild an engine blindfolded, but can’t poach an egg. -Kojin Kelsey, Espionage Hall Cadet Beatrix Guiying (born January 1, 710; full title: Beatrix Augusta-Alice, Lady of Guiying) is the youngest daughter of the powerful Guiying family in the Zholese Imperial Court. Like most nobles from Zho, she received the best education money… read more »

Tatjana Grand

Your hypocrisy astounds me. You slaughter animals to feed your appetites, but when I do it I’m proclaimed a monster. -Tatjana Grand, Proconsul of Dracul Academy Tatjana Grand (born October 31, 598 FA) is the younger sister of Jure Grand, though the term is relative since she is also a nelapsi, thirteen centuries old. Like… read more »

Jure Grand

How many Proconsuls has Gast Academy had now? Thirty, maybe closer to forty? As far as I’m concerned, that number should be one. The world’s a sadder place without her. -Jure Grand, Legate of Gast Academy’s Espionage Hall Jure Grand (born June 6, 600 FA) is the first and only Legate of Gast Academy’s Espionage… read more »