Respect the woods, and it will respect you in kind.

-Dalyéwo proverb

Pooka are wood spirits that inhabit the untamed woods in Emerald Crater. These spirits take the form of an animal when presenting itself before people—usually choosing a deer, rabbit, or horse with pitch-black fur and glowing red eyes. However, pooka usually prefer to remain unseen, opting instead to reveal itself as a glowing bulb of light in the distance. Many travelers lost in the woods have reported following these glowing orbs to safety, but be wary: as often as they have helped, they have also led people to dangers in the forest—fatal ones.

As a general rule, when one sees a light in Emerald Crater, they shouldn’t follow it unless it’s an absolute last resort or they are travelling with a dalyéwo. The natives of the deep forest have a completely different relationship with the spirits and are able to use the pookas advantageously.