Fenrir’s Maw

Did you hear? Old Man Time is fighting tonight. We’ve got to . . . what? No. I don’t care if you have ciphers to finish for class. Tell your tribune the situation. What do you mean will he know who he is? Kojin, listen. If your tribune has even a speckle of a soul, he will already be at the pub to see this fight!

-Ulf Eklund, Martial Hall Cadet

Fenrir's Maw Sign
Fenrir’s Maw’s sign.

Fenrir’s Maw is a pub in Lower Kings. Originally an abandoned warehouse, the building was purchased by Gerald Fairhair and had its massive two-story interior renovated. And while the exterior was kept nondescript, distinguished only by a sign depicting a wolf’s head chewing on a severed hand, it has become a popular spot for both Lower Kings locals and Gast Academy mercenaries.

Filling meals and brews are served during the day in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, while local talent entertains from a stage at the heart of the pub. But at night, Fenrir’s Maw becomes an entirely different kind of establishment. The center stage is turned into an arena, and the pub plays host to fights, featuring both amateur and veteran brawlers. The most anticipated fights are highly publicized, drawing large crowds from all over Hafland; during these events, the cheers and cries of patrons winning and losing money can be heard echoing all through Lower Kings’ caverns.

Fenrir's Maw Fight Night
Click to enlarge: a typical night at Fenrir’s Maw.

Because of its location and the nature of the evening entertainment, mercenaries and criminals—frequently at odds—rub elbows at Fenrir’s Maw. It’s for this reason that patrons must follow a tacit agreement that no business will be conducted on pub grounds. Anyone who violates this unspoken concord will find themselves ejected by one of the many bouncers that protect Fenrir’s Maw.

Even though Gerald is modestly wealthy due to the success of his pub and could focus solely on the business end of things, he and his daughter, Freya, can sometimes be found running food orders or serving drinks at the bar.