I’d be careful of him. I can see the pain he carries around, festering like a rotted wound.

-Gabriel Fletcher, Proconsul of Gast Academy

Bagaan (“one who invokes the law of nature”; born March 30, 621) of Clan Yats’dl is nephew and advisor to Hach’hihem. Commonly described as “standoffish”, he is an imposing figure—strong even by dalyéwo standards, which has led to speculation he trains his body in secret. Though for what reason is up to the imagination. Adding to the mystery are rumors he sometimes visits Fenrir’s Maw to watch fights, a highly unusual activity for a dalyéwo since they abhor violence.

As Hach’hihem’s advisor, Bagaan helps with the day-to-day duties of a counselor, as well as taking care of the aging dalyéwo’s health. During his time as advisor, he has counselled the old man toward more modern policies, such as lowering the restrictions on allowing outsiders to visit Emerald Crater and encouraging dalyéwos to venture out and explore the rest of Hafland. Bagaan was the main driving force behind the Peaceful Warrior Act of 654, which made it illegal to discriminate against dalyéwos who wished to enroll in Gast Academy. Up until that point, the academy had a blanket policy to reject all dalyéwo applicants on the grounds their absolute pacifism would only create problems in an inherently violent and dangerous profession. In practice, when dalyéwos began enrolling in Gast Academy they gravitated to non-combat roles and contracts—bypassing this problem. Though dalyéwos are still an uncommon sight in Gast Academy, recent trends show their enrollment numbers steadily rising, especially among the younger generation.

Bagaan’s forward-thinking policies have made him an infamous figure among dalyéwos. Many see his efforts to modernize and integrate as reckless, opening the dalyéwos to the dangers of human and kavi intrusion. But a growing minority see him as the dalyéwos’ future, pulling them from the trappings of tradition.