Jimmy, I told you not to leave your window open at night! Those damned frubolds stole your clothes again. Oh, and those little devils only left your dirty underwear behind.

-A very angry mother

Click to enlarge: a journal entry from a man who visited a frubold village.

Frubolds are highly intelligent creatures, native to Magna Tellus. They have stout builds, standing between 2-3 ft and weighing an average of 45 lb, but can fly using the leathery wings on their backs. Frubolds have short fur over their entire body in a wide range of colors and patterns, and long silky beards they take great pride in grooming and braiding. When they sleep, they hang upside down and wrap themselves in their wings for warmth.

These impish beasts have always coexisted alongside humans and can be found all over the continent, high up in the trees of dense forests. Some frubolds even choose to live among humans, since they speak fluent Basic—with strong predilections for riddles and puzzles.

Many consider frubolds to be pests, though, a sentiment not entirely unwarranted. They have a tendency to burgle homes in the middle of the night for various trinkets. Their society places a confusing emphasis on knickknacks most would consider useless; they’ll use things like spoons, batteries, and bottle caps as currency. Frubolds routinely take people’s clothes, too, tailoring it to fit their bodies in unorthodox ways (such as turning a sock into a winter cap).

Another frubold oddity lies in their names. Every frubold is named after their favorite meal, which can sometimes get very specific. The longest frubold name ever recorded is Baked Meat Pie in a Fireleaf Crust and Ginger-Dusted Cookies Washed Down with Cyanberry Wine.