Ulf Eklund

Who cares if his methods are blunt? Yes, he does tend to talk with his fists. Yes, even when the numbers are against him. And, yes, I’ll admit he does scream ‘glory’ a bit too much while doing it. But you know what? We always have a good story to tell afterward.

-Hilda Eklund, Martial Hall mercenary & Ulf’s cousin

Ulf Eklund (born September 20, 709) is a young man hailing from the state of Icegard, where he was an Honor wrestling champion. Honor wrestling is the ancient, but ever popular Icegardian sport that pits two wrestlers against each other; both are armed with a striking baton, and points are awarded for clean blows and takedowns. Ulf was six years old when he saw his first match, and it was there that he decided to become an Honor wrestler. He implored his father to train him and was put through a rigorous conditioning and weight training schedule. When he entered his first match, he dominated, and as he grew older, he continually proved himself the better among his peers. He joined Icegard’s professional Honor Wrestling League (HWL) in 727, and at 18-years-old, became the youngest champion in its history when he won the 727 HWL Championship. Now he aims to grow his legacy, seeing Gast Academy’s Martial Hall as his ticket to eternal glory.