Historic figures and key players in the world of Blueheim.

Tatjana Grand

Your hypocrisy astounds me. You slaughter animals to feed your appetites, but when I do it I’m proclaimed a monster. -Tatjana Grand, Proconsul of Dracul Academy Tatjana Grand (born October 31, 598 FA) is the younger sister of Jure Grand, though the term is relative since she is also a nelapsi, thirteen centuries old. Like… read more »

Jure Grand

How many Proconsuls has Gast Academy had now? Thirty, maybe closer to forty? As far as I’m concerned, that number should be one. The world’s a sadder place without her. -Jure Grand, Legate of Gast Academy’s Espionage Hall Jure Grand (born June 6, 600 FA) is the first and only Legate of Gast Academy’s Espionage… read more »


If you don’t know how to kill it, you can always try aiming for its cock. -Hoss Bowson, Gast Academy Mercenary  Nelapsis are an extremely rare vampire that feeds on the blood of humans and kavi alike. Like other types of vampires, there are only two surefire ways of killing them: direct sunlight and staking… read more »