council of six

Historic figures and key players in the world of Blueheim.


I’d be careful of him. I can see the pain he carries around, festering like a rotted wound. -Gabriel Fletcher, Proconsul of Gast Academy Bagaan (“one who invokes the law of nature”; born March 30, 621) of Clan Yats’dl is nephew and advisor to Hach’hihem. Commonly described as “standoffish”, he is an imposing figure—strong even… read more »


He’s lived through it, you know? He’s literally lived through what you and I call history. If nothing else, you’ve got to respect the man for still having the will to go on. -Maximos Lycurgus, Legate of Gast Academy’s Martial Hall Hach’hihem (“the gnarled tree”; born February 18, 515) of Clan Yoch’a’á is Emerald Crater’s… read more »