emerald crater

Historic figures and key players in the world of Blueheim.


He’s lived through it, you know? He’s literally lived through what you and I call history. If nothing else, you’ve got to respect the man for still having the will to go on. -Maximos Lycurgus, Legate of Gast Academy’s Martial Hall Hach’hihem (“the gnarled tree”; born February 18, 515) of Clan Yoch’a’á is Emerald Crater’s… read more »


My people refused to adapt and almost lost everything because of it. I’ll bring them into the future, even if it means I have to drag them there kicking and screaming. -Bagaan, Hach’hihem’s advisor The pacifistic dalyéwos are natives of Hafland, with evidence putting them on the island as far back as 11,000 years ago…. read more »


Respect the woods, and it will respect you in kind. -Dalyéwo proverb Pooka are wood spirits that inhabit the untamed woods in Emerald Crater. These spirits take the form of an animal when presenting itself before people—usually choosing a deer, rabbit, or horse with pitch-black fur and glowing red eyes. However, pooka usually prefer to… read more »