They’re not violent creatures for the most part, but we’ve lost cadets too stupid not to test the beast’s patience.

-Zella Krause, Legate of Gast Academy’s Inventors Hall

Click to enlarge: a wildlife enthusiast’s journal entry on indriks.

Indrik are native to the mountainous island Gast Academy is built on. Despite their stout and stocky build, they stand almost 10 ft tall at the shoulder and weigh an average of 15,000 lb (18,000 lb if male). Their most distinguishing trait is a single horn that grows from the tip of their snout, which grows between 4-6 ft in length. During the winter months, they grow a second, white coat over their usually gray fur, which is then shed when the temperature rises again.

Though most of the year they are gentle, passive creatures, but woe to the man who comes upon one during mating season (May-June). Female indrik become extremely territorial, and male indrik fight one another in displays of strength to win a mate. Coming upon either sex is certain death for the unprepared, as both will charge and attack anything that moves–either until their target dies, or themselves die.

There is an estimated population of 300-400 indrik currently living around Gast Academy.