Robin Kelsey

I’ve known the man my whole life. He’s never respected the rules.

-Gabriel Fletcher, Proconsul of Gast Academy

Robin Kelsey (May 26, 665 – November 12, 727) was a retired mercenary from Gast Academy, and father to Kojin Kelsey. Robin was 13 when trade between the Populo Federation and Hafland opened, and he immediately became fascinated with the island, which promised the adventure of a lifetime. When he turned 18, he sailed for Hafland with his best friend, Gabriel Fletcher, and they both enrolled in Gast Academy. Robin entered the Espionage Hall while Gabriel joined the Wraith Hall, and the two friends were ultimately put on a team with Evie Darling of the Panacea Hall. Robin found he had a knack for picking locks, and combined with his natural charisma, he excelled in the Espionage Hall. Robin’s team successfully ran missions together for 27 years, unheard of since teams usually lost a member or dissolved entirely by that age.

Robin was a notorious womanizer, a trait that would get him into trouble toward the end of his mercenary career. During one of his flings, he got a minor Zholese noble pregnant. The woman, Alba, died during the birth of their son, leaving him the sole caretaker. With Kojin’s birth, Robin made the difficult decision to quit the team and raise the boy on Magna Tellus. Although Gabriel was initially furious with Robin and his sudden resignation, he and Evie eventually realized it was in everyone’s best interest—the team was well past their prime, and continuing to take contracts in their advancing ages was asking for trouble.

Unfortunately, an idyllic life with his son wasn’t in the cards. Within a couple years he began noticing the first symptoms of creeping death. The mysterious disease took root swiftly and his health decayed rapidly. Robin spent most of his money on medical care, but the best doctors could do was slow it down until his untimely death in 727.