espionage hall

The lore of the Gast Academy universe.


Heed my warning cadet, swear you will not forget: danger and the Shadowland go hand in hand. Ignore me and I promise you this, for without caution you will be missed. -Cyanberry, Espionage Hall tribune The Shadowlands is a plane of existence parallel to Blueheim, often described as its muted and duller reflection. It’s neither… read more »

Robin Kelsey

I’ve known the man my whole life. He’s never respected the rules. -Gabriel Fletcher, Proconsul of Gast Academy Robin Kelsey (May 26, 665 – November 12, 727) was a retired mercenary from Gast Academy, and father to Kojin Kelsey. Robin was 13 when trade between the Populo Federation and Hafland opened, and he immediately became… read more »

Jure Grand

How many Proconsuls has Gast Academy had now? Thirty, maybe closer to forty? As far as I’m concerned, that number should be one. The world’s a sadder place without her. -Jure Grand, Legate of Gast Academy’s Espionage Hall Jure Grand (born June 6, 600 FA) is the first and only Legate of Gast Academy’s Espionage… read more »