Beatrix Guiying

Amazing. She can rebuild an engine blindfolded, but can’t poach an egg.

-Kojin Kelsey, Espionage Hall Cadet

Beatrix Guiying (born January 1, 710; full title: Beatrix Augusta-Alice, Lady of Guiying) is the youngest daughter of the powerful Guiying family in the Zholese Imperial Court. Like most nobles from Zho, she received the best education money can buy, but now has her eyes on Gast Academy’s famous Inventors Hall. Beatrix is less concerned with the adventurous life of a mercenary, and more interested in research that will further her social standing in Zho. Although she is one of four daughters, her mother (Mu Chien-Shung Rosalind, 4th Duchess of Guiying) is no less strict on her. Being a potential heiress to the family title means she is equally obligated to be deemed worthy, should she find herself before the Tian Court.