populo federation

The lore of the Gast Academy universe.


It’s in the accursed name itself. Ice! That’s all they have up there. Watching them beat each other senseless in their barbaric Honor wrestling, one begins to understand the kind of people who would choose to live in such an inhospitable wasteland. -A disgruntled Zholese diplomat Icegard is a member of the Populo Federation, located… read more »


I could have been a countess, did you know that? I dated a man in the Imperial Court for a couple months. It was all hush, hush, and he never told me his full name. I had to find out by sneaking a look at one of his correspondences while he was in the bath:… read more »

Human-Kavi Conflict

In a way, we were fortunate the kavi showed up the way they did. Without a common enemy, I’m sure we would have cannibalized each other until there was nothing left. -Yong Lu, 5th Emperor of Shang 1278 FA: First Contact The kavi were the first to successfully sail across the Altum Ocean and make… read more »


I’ve heard it called many different names. ‘The Gilded City’, ‘Little-Giant Island’, ‘Land of Opportunity’, and my personal favorite: ‘Cesspool of Degeneracy’. -Evie Darling, Legate of Gast Academy’s Panacea Hall Hafland is a sprawling city located in the Altum Ocean, at the halfway point between the Populo Federation and the Radiant Empire. This convenient location… read more »

Federation Calendar and Language

There was a time when Kavinagari was the most spoken language in the world. Now everyone speaks that horrendous Basic, which sounds like nothing more than nails on a chalkboard. -Unknown kavi Federation Calendar The Federation calendar is the most widely used civil calendar. It was conceived the same year the Populo Federation was formed…. read more »

Basic Slang

I been on the lam for almost a year. I don’t have a copper to my name, all my hair’s fallen out, and I’ll probably be dead in a ditch in a couple more weeks. But you know what? I had my first solid shit last night in over two weeks. Baby, that’s cause for… read more »