Federation Calendar and Language

There was a time when Kavinagari was the most spoken language in the world. Now everyone speaks that horrendous Basic, which sounds like nothing more than nails on a chalkboard.

-Unknown kavi

Federation Calendar

The Federation calendar is the most widely used civil calendar. It was conceived the same year the Populo Federation was formed. The Federation calendar counts years from the last day of the Peasant King’s Rebellion, when humans drove the last of the Radiant Empire’s people off Magna Tellus.

All years prior to this event are labelled forfeited age (FA), and all years following are labelled anno triumphus (AT).

Federation Language

The official language of the Populo Federation wasn’t established until 32 AT, though by then a common tongue had already emerged among the states. The language is heavily based off the one spoken by the first rebels in the Peasant King’s army, with different nations adding to it as the years went on. In 32 AT, Basic Federation, or just Basic, was standardized and aggressively taught throughout the federation. Though all states in the federation have adopted Basic, distinct dialects still exist between them.