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The lore of the Gast Academy universe.


My people refused to adapt and almost lost everything because of it. I’ll bring them into the future, even if it means I have to drag them there kicking and screaming. -Bagaan, Hach’hihem’s advisor The pacifistic dalyéwos are natives of Hafland, with evidence putting them on the island as far back as 11,000 years ago…. read more »

Dr. Zest

This is supposed to be cherry flavored? Hah! I don’t recall cherries tasting like the runway between my asshole and balls . . . you don’t want to know. -Vernon Gallows, Informant Abigail Frankenstein Zestler (born July 15, 690), known more commonly as Dr. Zest, is the founder of Zesty Medicine Labs. She attended Gast… read more »


I’ve heard it called many different names. ‘The Gilded City’, ‘Little-Giant Island’, ‘Land of Opportunity’, and my personal favorite: ‘Cesspool of Degeneracy’. -Evie Darling, Legate of Gast Academy’s Panacea Hall Hafland is a sprawling city located in the Altum Ocean, at the halfway point between the Populo Federation and the Radiant Empire. This convenient location… read more »

Gast Academy

Damn mercenaries . . . is there nothing you parasites won’t do for some coin? -General Voorhees, during the siege of Castle Blackhorn Gast Academy is a major mercenary academy located on Hafland. Their base of operations is the northern island, in the steep mountains and snow. Although most academies maintain neutral independence, Gast Academy… read more »