radiant empire

The lore of the Gast Academy universe.


You ever visit the Radiant Empire? It’s creepy. Damn creepy, indeed. There could be a thousand people around you, but you’d hear a fart a mile away. -Edward IV “Chummy” Cortez, Councilor of Anchors The kavi are natives of the continent, Aahana. Perhaps the most infamous race on the planet, their reputation is not undeserved—at… read more »

Human-Kavi Conflict

In a way, we were fortunate the kavi showed up the way they did. Without a common enemy, I’m sure we would have cannibalized each other until there was nothing left. -Yong Lu, 5th Emperor of Shang 1278 FA: First Contact The kavi were the first to successfully sail across the Altum Ocean and make… read more »


I’ve heard it called many different names. ‘The Gilded City’, ‘Little-Giant Island’, ‘Land of Opportunity’, and my personal favorite: ‘Cesspool of Degeneracy’. -Evie Darling, Legate of Gast Academy’s Panacea Hall Hafland is a sprawling city located in the Altum Ocean, at the halfway point between the Populo Federation and the Radiant Empire. This convenient location… read more »